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Why Are We Giving This Away For FREE?
We really believe in this finish, and we know you will too once you try it!

The three of us founders of Maker Brand, Co are full time Makers and content creators. Mike Montgomery, Chris Salamone, and Ben Uyeda, we all have very successful YouTube channels dedicated to helping others get results on their builds. It's literally our job you could say. So we know exactly what Makers like you, need. 

There are hundreds of options out there, we've tried most of them ourselves. And we also know that $40 or more is a lot to gamble on a finish that you may or may not like, so we wanted a way to get this in your hands. What better way than free, so that you can decide for yourself!

We will gladly cover the oil and the bottle if you get the shipping and handling. 
Why Do We Believe In It?
We've spent hundreds of hours using other products, always searching for that one product that hit the sweet spot. We wanted something that was:

- Easy to apply
- Provides confidence inspiring protection
- Leaves a natural look and feel
- Wasn't full of harmful chemicals

There wasn't anything that completely met our expectations. So, we created it. 

We know that when you try it, you'll believe in it too. The bottom line is, it makes finishing simple. Wipe it on, let it absorb, and wipe off the excess. That's it! An all-in-one wood finish that takes out the guesswork and gives you a beautiful, professional result. 

And remember Simple Finish is:

-Plant Based
-Low VOC
-All Natural
But Don't Just Take Our Word For It!
  •  Ethan C: 100% honest I am hooked. I really wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it. This stuff is incredible. I’ve been a big fan of Rubio because of the ease of application in the satin finish, but I love that this delivers the same if not better finish with a lower cost and no mixing of the finish and hardener. Truly a game changer! I really think as soon as people try it, they won’t use anything else again
  •  Jason L: I love this stuff! As a newer maker it's really hard for me to decide what finish and what finish process to use. So, as a reccomendation on a video I saw I ordered some Simple Finish. I really ordered it because I was told that I could pretty much put it on anything and it was simple to apply. That was absolutely true! I really couldn't believe how awesome my small table I made came out. It was only like my second project and I really couldn't believe I could make something look like that. Love this stuff!
  •  Mary Z: I really do love it! Can't wait to see a few more coats on it. The thickness of the oil was surprising and wiped on and off beautifully! I also love that it all organic and natural. I feel much better putting it on than something harmful. That is a huge plus for me. 
Here is Ethan Carter on his thoughts about Simple Finish. Instagram @ethancarterdesigns
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